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Our History

Our sending church, Desert Springs Community Church, brought our lead Pastor, Michael Stahl, on full-time staff in May of 2019 with one job - to plant a church somewhere in the West Valley. 18 months later, Salt Church was born.

We launched as a church with one service at Canyon View High School on January 10, 2021. Since that time, the Lord has been extremely faithful to our church by bringing us people of all ages, backgrounds, and current walks of life.

Our Mission

We exist to transform every day people into fully engaged disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To be a welcoming home where all can belong, whether broken, hurting, wandering, redeemed, or otherwise. To be a family of believers who openly and willingly allow the Gospel to inform all aspects of our lives. To be the hands and feet of Jesus throughout our community by serving all, believers and unbelievers, with
our whole hearts.

Our Values

We are to be a people who:

  • Daily seek to have communion with God.

  • Have immense passion to reach the lost.

  • Willingly live with an open hand.

  • Make Jesus big.

Believe - Belong - Multiply

We consider this to be the lifecycle of anyone who walks into Salt Church. It starts with belief and beginning a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Then we want you to belong - get plugged in on a service team, in a small group, or go to our semester-based Bible study. We believe that the local church should be a place where men and women are discipled and trained in Gospel-centered ministry.

Lastly, let's multiply. Actively share your faith. Train up a leader under you on your service team. Raise up another group leader out of your own group. Our goal as a church is to raise Christians up that will go out and plant churches or reach the nations on the mission field.

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About Us

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Canyon View High School
6024 N. Perryville Rd.
Waddell, AZ 85355


PO Box 349
Waddell, AZ 85355

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