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May 8th, 2022

Here is the order of service

Series: Galatians: For Better or For Worse // Sermon Title: Pulling Weeds and Planting Seeds

Preaching: Michael Stahl

Special Elements: None.

Announcements (Danneal Castillo)

First Time Guests: First time guests will be encouraged to fill out the Connect Card at the bottom of the bulletin and take it to the New Here Tent for a $5 gift card from Ebb and Flow (Verrado) or Spencer's Place (Surprise) as a way to say thanks for visiting.

Prayer Requests: Congregation will be encouraged to fill out any prayer needs they have on the back side of the bulletin. It can be torn off and placed in the offering box.

Group Connect: Group Connect will take place on May 15th during the 10:30am service. This is the first step for anyone interested in joining a connect group. Those interested can sign up at Connect Central.

Connect Central - Need to Know

Donut Sunday: Donuts are provided in the lobby after each service, thanks to Sheri and Terry James. Guests are welcome to take one and enjoy a time of fellowship.

Group Connect/VBS Volunteer Sign Ups: There will be sign up sheets at Connect Central.

Donut Sunday: It's Donut Sunday! Be prepared.

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